SPO256 Speech Board Kit

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Component Kit for SPO PCB

Complete set of components for the SPO PCB (except for the SPO chip).

Limited-time offer: Kit of components for the SPO PCB (MINUS the SPO chip).
This kit can be added to a PCB order for $13.50.

C1,C222 pF cap2
C11radial electrolytic cap 100 uF 35v1
C3,C7,C9,C10mono axial 0.1 uF4
C4,C5ceramic 0.022 uF cap2
C6radial electrolytic cap 1 uF 50v1
C8 radial electrolytic cap 10 uF 35v1
D11N4148 switching diode1
H1,H2,H30 .1" header - single row3 [4 pin (2); 2 pin]
R11/4 watt carbon resistor - 10K1
R21/4 watt carbon resistor - 100K1
R3,R41/4 watt carbon resistor - 33K2
R510K linear pot, PC mount, rt-angle1
R61/4 watt carbon resistor - 101
R81/4 watt carbon resistor - 1K1
S114 pin socket1
S228 pin open-frame socket2
S3,S48 pin socket2
U174HC164 shift register1
U3LM386 audio amp1
SpkrFlat 2" square 8 Ohm speaker1
LED1Mini Red LED1
X13.120 MHz crystal (HC-50U case)1
Following parts are optional:
U578M05 5v, 500ma voltage regulator1 required;
Not included
C13,C14radial electrolytic cap 22uF-33uF 35v2 required;
Not included

The kit includes an additional 28-pin open frame socket to stack if you want to use the 14-pin socket under the SPO chip.

The 8-pin socket is provided for the 12C509 PIC but the PIC is not yet available.

Kit includes the all SPO circuit components, all audio circuit components, and the optional LED power indicator, but NOT the power regulator.

Components for on-board 5v voltage regulator are optional. Not required if you feed the board a regulated 5v supply.

SPO Circuit:

NOTE: The following circuit schematics originally came from Jon Williams' article "Using the SPO256-AL2 Speech Allophone Processor" in the June 1998 issue of Nuts and Volts [Volume 40]. Go to the Paralax site, Downloads, Nuts and Volts columns for more useful stuff!
Note: I originally found the gif of this circuit at TheOneSpot - Robotics - Text 2 Speech but that link appears to be broken. :-(

SPO Circuit

Note that the output pins QA-QH from the shift register [74HC164] are swapped MSB for LSB going to the SPO256 chip. This greatly reduced the difficulty of the trace routing for the nested shift register [which was nested to conserve board space].

Audio Amp circuit:

Audio Amp

Original audio circuit gif.

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