SPO256 Speech Board Code Samples

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Basic Stamp Code Sample:

This Basic Stamp code came from TheOneSpot - Robotics - Text 2 Speech and should still be modified for the reversed bit order. This was the original inspiration for this project.

Basic Stamp 2 Code:

This example has just the logic to control the speech board for a Basic Stamp 2 clone. The busy wait could be moved after the bits are sent out.

ID4 , my first robot, incorporated this logic along with a lot of other behavior in a single program.

Dennis Clark has written a much simpler version for the Basic Stamp2 - thank you Dennis! It uses SHIFTOUT instead of a loop to get the bits out.

QBasic Code with 8255 Port Card:

I did some preliminary work with a Boondog interface card and QBasic. My son has also played with this one.


I modified some OOPic code (from this site) for controlling the SPO256 on this PCB. This code has been tried out on an OOPic by a board builder.

Note that this code intentionally plays the coded message TWICE.

Handyboard Code

Hah, hah, hah, hah! Anybody using the Handyboard or similar should have NO problem figuring out how to make the board speak from the examples already here!

But if someone comes up with some and wants to post it, I (Jim) would be glad to make a link to it.

Code Comments:

Some comments about coding for voice...

Without multitasking it gets interesting - I got my robot ID4 to drive and speak at the same time.

Other comments to come...

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