SPO256 Speech Board with 5 Volt Regulator

Speech Board 5 Volt Regulator
Bottom right corner of PCB by H1 and H2.
(Enlarged to show detail.)

The 7805 voltage regulator is inserted in two holes that were originally part of header H2. The output pin of the regulator goes into the V+ hole of H2, while the common pin of the regulator goes in the G hole of H2. The input pin goes in the 'extra' hole to the right of H2.

One of the capacitors goes right next to the regulator. The other takes the Ground hole 'G' from header H1. You MUST use the 'new' header H2 to provide the unregulated voltage supply to the board [and NOT use H1]. [Note that an earlier picture of this show the WRONG holes - this picture shows the correct holes!]

Don't forget to tie the grounds between the SPO board and your controller (board) together. This can be done at header H2 [your incoming power connection] or at the ground pin near header H1. The capacitor will be in the way, but a way to bend the lead so you could still make a connection across the gap. Think about it - it will take some creativity on your part!

Please write me (Jim) if you have any questions.

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